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Magento is the new improved e-commerce platform that gives a superior force to web traders to get rid of obstacles in the way of business process implementations. With downloads surpassing the magical figure of 600,000, Magento is easily the fastest growing commercially available tool for online business solutions.

Don’t be misled by the free and open source background of Magento—it excels the best commercial tools with its theme based structure and support for a panoply of digital products.

We at Maven Infosoft have solid expertise in working with all leading e-commerce and portal-building platforms and have managed and implemented heavy-duty enterprise-level content management systems. We can safely assert that Magento has outshone all of them.

There remain a few uncertainties, as with any growing and emergent platform, in the design and development capabilities that Magento has to offer. The high competence level required means that it is not for all and sundry. Having said that, Magento is by far the most adaptable and compliant e-commerce program to hit the online trading market.

In many ways, Magento is not a typical open source solution. It is free to download and use. It does give you the ability to create customize themes and module extensions. It has all the potential for swell in usage and gain in popularity. However, it has a dedicated company supporting its growth. Magento is the product of Varien, an e-commerce design house that seems to benefit from Magento by offering traditional web agency services.

Magento is based on a theme based framework with individual layouts, templates and skins, which in turn has greater look and feel customize capability. Once you get the hang of it, creating stores in Magento turns into a piece of cake. Unlike shopping carts and content management systems devoid of themes, this framework elevates Magento to a different level

The comprehensive features available reflect long years of e-commerce experience. Features such as advanced pricing rules, product image zoom, side-by-side comparison and inventory management indicate the strong relevance to marketing functions and requirements. Other features that we approve of are:

  • Ready to go iPhone theme
  • Single page checkout
  • Availability of real time rates from UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service
  • Great analytics and reporting
  • One administration panel and product catalog to manage  multiple websites/stores
  • Customer reviews
  • Flexible coupon rules for flexibility of campaigns
  • Layered and faceted navigation for filtering
  • Google Website Optimizer integration
  • URL rewrites
  • Newsletter management
  • Easy integration of third party tools using Web API
  • Choice of more than 50 payment gateways
  • Option to up sell during checkout
  • Self-generating site maps
  • Full support for digital and downloadable products
  • RSS feeds for customers and administrators alike

Though Magento does have simple usage rules including easy handling of the administration interface, it does require developers to have fundamental skills in PHP, MySQL, SOAP, XML, XHTML, Apache and CSS. This is indeed the case for most shopping carts or platforms, but Magento is much more application oriented. Even a standard implementation will have you accessing files and programming code that other simpler platforms do not ask for.


All said and done, Magento is an outstanding tool for online commerce and web marketing. It is no less than a boon for leading Internet retailers.

If you are looking to design and develop Magento ecommerce store for your business, Maven Infosoft is a one stop helping point for all your requirements. 

Maven Infosoft is one of the initial starters who work on Magento since its first version. The expertise of Magento developers at Maven Infosoft, serves Magento customers to meet their Enterprise requirements.

Maven Infosoft provides services for enterprise Magento theme development, enterprise Magento template design, Magento extensions like Vendor module, Purchase module, accounting module and Magento payment extensions like iVeri, Paymentec, Safepay, Secpay, Secpay 3D secure, DIBS DirectPay, Cardinal Direct, Cardinal 3D secure

As Magento is free open source application, Maven Infosoft also provides free Magento theme, free Magento templates, and free Magento extensions to help Magento grow in terms of ecommerce application.

Like Magento, Maven Infosoft is helping internet business to grow further to reach new heights.


For more information please refer http://www.offshoresoftwaredevelopmentindia.com/php-mysql-pgsql-programming/magento-customization-solutions.html

Or drop us an email at info@offshoresoftwaredevelopmentindia.com


Author Name: – Anand Pandya

Resource: – http://www.offshoresoftwaredevelopmentindia.com/blog/


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  • Tools for dependable bootstrapping
  • A command line client for creating and maintaining projects
  • Devices for menus, sitemaps, breadcrumbs, and whatnot
  • Full support for Amazon EC2 and S3
  • A simple and reliable framework
  • New additions and bug fixes

Check out Mathew’s blog for more detailed description.

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A compatibility glitch with the latest versions of Windows has thrust the spotlight onto a little-known product from Microsoft’s Dynamics line for midsize businesses.

Just what is Dynamics RMS?

It’s software that enables specialty retailers to handle cash register functions, process payments, and automate purchasing, inventory and other back-end processes, said Michael Griffiths, the group product manager for the retail part of the Dynamics business.

Dynamics RMS is used to manage about 38,000 different store locations, he said.

Perhaps its most notable customer is the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, who use it to handle all of their merchandising activities, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Dynamics AX product.

Microsoft acquired Dynamics RMS as part of its 2002 acquisition of Southern California-based Sales Management Systems, and it last updated the product in January 2007.

Griffiths said the Dynamics team discovered the issue as part of its testing and realized that the problem could lead to data loss.

“The key issue is, there is a potential for data loss within the RMS solution itself, which is obviously something we wanted to make sure we address immediately,” Griffiths said.

He didn’t offer a specific reason why the company didn’t catch the issue sooner. “It just happened this was the time and place when we did find the issue,” he said.

source = http://www.news.com/

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Most organisations of substance have come to understand that they need some form of content management system (CMS) to bring order to their online presence. What they may not have anticipated as they embark on this important direction is five change management steps they have to take if they are to succeed in the long term. These steps are consistent in all organisations, and will have to be dealt with.

Obtain executive buyin
All IT projects need the overall blessing, support and initial involvement of the boardroom. This will unlock the requisite funding, and ensure internal resistance is more easily overcome. Return on investment can seem hard to quantify, especially with new-generation systems such as a CMS, and it will require long-term commitment from the executive if the organisation is to commit fully to the CMS and allow it to deliver its full value over time.

Deal with the human factor
A new CMS involves two pitches: one to the business, and the other to the users. Generally speaking, people are resistant to change. No matter how inefficient their existing mode of operation, or how easy to use, attractive and efficient their new process, they will resist it unless they are persuaded of its value and actively buy into it. Some of the resistance will come from people with vested interests: those who feel they will be marginalised, or even lose their jobs. As an example, an automated, slick CMS will take some of the power away from IT specialists, and a marketing custodian might see their power base eroded by a new application that automates aspects of their function. In this case, it is best not to try too hard to bring such folk on board: they are likely to oppose you and undermine the success of the CMS project. At a certain point, with the full support and commitment of management, it is best to leave these people behind.

Establish content ownership
A camel is a horse designed by a committee: content created by committee, or consensus, can be similarly distorted from concept to execution, so there has to be final ownership of content. However, there also has to be collaboration, and acceptance by all involved that content will be created through multiple inputs. This can create friction, but ultimately it is vital, as productivity soars when content can be created by multiple people, each providing specialist input, and working in multiple locations.

Import existing content
All organisations have significant amounts of existing content which needs to be identified, prioritised and converted to a standard format – HTML or XML, to mention two industry-standard formats. Contact databases have to be migrated into the new system, then the old content must be frozen and shelved and the new system used in a standardised way, including updates. The ideal is for a content committee to manage this process, with full responsibility and accountability. Deviation from the new process must be discouraged and prevented, which again brings us to the human factor. As long as people operate outside of the new corporate process, its full value will not be derived.

Co-opt IT
Those in the IT department tend to be proprietorial about their turf, and with quite good reason. Now along comes the CMS team with a new system, one that they view as consuming their time and energy, when they are already strapped for resources. It will be important to gain the buyin of IT from the beginning. They need to be persuaded that the CMS will fit within their architecture (or not, as this may not be important); that it is not going to be burdensome to them; and that the daily, weekly and monthly management of the CMS will not be onerous. We found at one client site that we needed to obtain corporate permission to use an open systems CMS, given the Microsoft-centric nature of the architecture in use at the client. Once we had IT’s nod for an exception to the architecture, it was plain sailing, and our CMS was accepted, adopted and is in happy and productive use on a daily basis.

A CMS is one of the most important corporate communications investments any company will make. To ensure it works as well as expected, you need to implement some simple change management steps. These five are a good start.

About Cambrient
Cambrient is a leading content management company in South Africa.

Offering both services and software products, Cambrient is the most experienced local team in the industry, with almost 10 years’

experience in the field. The company has an extensive and excellent track record in servicing many small and large companies in the country – as well as some significant international customers. Cambrient owns and manages its own software intellectual property, and has put in place a suite of products over the past five years which are regarded as world-class. Its product suite includes a powerful content management system for large and medium organisations, as well as a business process management system, on which most of its large projects are based. Services include a full spectrum of consulting services, project management, and website and Intranet development.

Cambrient believes in making a difference to the lives of end users, and its systems are designed with this in mind. Whether it’s the software the company develops, or the advice it offers, Cambrient understands user needs when it comes to content management. The business is 100% privately held, and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Celerant Technology Corporation

Leading retail software provider, Celerant Technology, heads a new sales tax initiative with Celerant Tax Connect, powered by AvaTax. This addition, integrated within the  Command Retail system, automates and simplifies the process of manually filling out tax information and provides retailers with a complete tax compliance solution. It provides accuracy, electronic filing and payment, reporting and returns, and adjusts sales tax rates based on location.

“We’re doing a great deal of work across the nation with multichannel retail businesses, including E-Commerce, mail order and brick-and-mortar. Finding a streamlined sales and use tax solution was critically important to us,” said Ian Goldman, CEO of Celerant Technology. “Partnering with Avalara brings the expertise and efficiency needed for this complex area of retail accounting.”

Celerant Tax Connect was established from a partnership between Celerant Technology and sales tax software provider, Avalara. The partnership is advantageous to businesses, both large and small, as it provides a solution that automatically identifies, calculates, records and remits sales tax transactions on a line by line basis. This automation significantly expedites the amount of time that would be spent filling out sales tax information.

“Our new sales tax tool assures the accuracy of charge tax in every jurisdiction in the country. As a result, all sales tax returns can be generated without any effort, leaving you free from the worry of sales tax audits or lawsuits,” stated Goldman. “Celerant Tax Connect also eliminates the work associated with preparing reports and documents for the regular sales tax returns that different jurisdictions require.”

The introduction of Celerant Tax Connect is another example of how Celerant Technology is continually researching and implementing new ways to enhance the many facets of its software for multichannel retail. In partnering with Avalara, Celerant Technology is able to provide a specific tax solution for the retail industry, ultimately saving time and assuring accuracy.

About Celerant Technology
Celerant’s Command Retail is an advanced real-time retail management system, which manages all areas of retail including POS, Inventory Management, Warehouse, Distribution Center, Allocation, Multi-Channel/E-Commerce/Kiosk, Data Mining, and Back-office, in a single, integrated system. Our advantage is the flexibility of our Java platform, allowing Celerant professionals to conduct cost-effective analysis and adaptation based on the individual needs of each retailer. The result is a better system that meets the needs of retail businesses and gives them the tools to take Command of their success.

SOURCE: Celerant Technology Corporation

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By Zachary R. Mider and Amy Thomson

May 3 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp., closing in on the biggest acquisition in its 33-year history, may seek to end an impasse with Yahoo! Inc.‘s board by raising its takeover offer, a person familiar with the matter said.

Talks intensified this week after Yahoo spent three months hunting for alternatives to the deal. The original cash-and-stock bid of $31 a share, or $44.6 billion, has fallen to $29.40 a share because of Microsoft’s declining stock price.

A higher offer may win over Yahoo’s board, eliminating the need for Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer to go to shareholders with a hostile offer, which might have spurred an employee exodus. A deal also may halt Yahoo’s efforts to forge an online advertising partnership with rival GoogleInc.

“The impact of the decision is wide because a hostile bid is not in the interest of either Microsoft or Yahoo,” said Andy Miedler, an analyst at Edward Jones & Co. in St. Louis. He has a hold rating on Microsoft’s shares. “It’s certainly easier to raise the offer.”

Microsoft is counting on a Yahoo marriage to help it challenge Google, the leader in the $41 billion online advertising market. Yahoo has the most visited U.S. Web site and handles more Internet queries than any company besides Google. Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, ranks third in online searches.

Yahoo climbed $1.86, or 6.9 percent, to $28.67 yesterday in Nasdaq Stock Market trading. Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft fell 16 cents to $29.24, while Google dropped $11.79 to $581.29.

Yahoo spokeswoman Diana Wong and Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw declined to comment.

Worth More?

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang has said Microsoft’s original offer “substantially undervalues” his company. Yahoo is worth more because of investments in Asia and its position in the Internet search market, he said. Until now, Ballmer has stood firm on the price.

Yahoo’s potential agreement with Google may have changed his mind. Yang plans to make a deal to use ad software from Google within a week unless he agrees to sell to Microsoft, said the person, who asked to remain anonymous because the takeover negotiations are private.

Yahoo, based in Sunnyvale, California, ran a test last month of Google’s ad system, applying it to 3 percent of its Internet searches. A permanent agreement may help Yahoo squeeze more money from queries, generating more than $1 billion in additional cash flow, said Mark Mahaney, a Citigroup Inc. analyst in San Francisco. Google received as much as 70 percent more than Yahoo for ads from each U.S. Internet search last year, Yahoo has said.

Ballmer’s Stance

Ballmer said this week he would walk away from the purchase before he overpays for Yahoo.

“I know exactly what I think Yahoo is worth to me, exactly,” Ballmer said in a meeting with employees, according to remarks provided by Shaw. “I won’t go a dime above, and I will go to what I think it’s worth if that gets the deal done.”

The acquisition would be the largest technology purchase in history, excluding telecommunications deals and the America Online Inc. merger with Time Warner Inc. in 2001. The transaction would eclipse Hewlett-Packard Co.‘s $18.9 billion acquisition of Compaq Computer Corp., completed in 2002.

The purchase would turn Microsoft into the biggest seller of graphical-display ads. U.S. sales of those ads may increase 39 percent to $8.19 billion in 2011, accounting for about 20 percent of the total market, according to New York-based EMarketer Inc.

The deal wouldn’t be enough to help Microsoft take the lead in the U.S. Internet search market, where Google dominates. The Mountain View, California-based company accounted for almost two- thirds of search queries in the U.S. in March, according to research firm ComScore Inc. in Reston, Virginia. That compared with Microsoft’s 9.4 percent and Yahoo’s 21.3 percent.

source = http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=aTNNfYoGunWg&refer=us

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Top 10 Careers Right Now

Sometimes you just need a change. Your career may not be taking you in the direction that you’d hoped to go. You may not have the salary you wanted. There may not be room for advancement.

But there’s good news: continued education can make going back to school easy to advance your education and break into many of the top careers right now.

When looking at changing careers one should consider which the optimum careers to change to are.

1. Computer Programming remains a hot career. By taking online education courses related to Java, Visual C+ or PC Maintenance, or by focusing your education on obtaining associates or masters level degrees in computer programming, you can break into this field – developing operating systems and software.

2. Child care is a second hot career right now. With an education that focuses on child psychology or early childhood education, it’s easy to build the skills that you need in order to break into the child care field.

3. On the opposite end of the spectrum, elder care is an increasingly popular field. In order to break into it, focus your education on taking courses related to gerontology or medical assisting.

4. Employments Specialist another popular career right now focuses on helping others with their career path. In order to become an employment specialist, your education should focus on human resources management degrees.

5. Environmental Engineering -Environmental conservation is a hot topic and environmental engineering is a hot career field. With education courses in conservation and the environment or a degree in environmental engineering, it’s possible to break into this field.

6. Home health aids are a popular alternative chosen by families who want to keep aging or ill loved ones at home. An education focused on medical assistant training or on a nursing degree will help you to land a job as a home health aid.

7. Management Consultants are people that many businesses take advantage of. To become a management consultant, look at an education focused on business management or small business management.

8. If you’re looking for a computing related field but programming isn’t for you, consider focusing on becoming a networking specialist. By taking network training courses, or finishing online degree programs focused on network security or network administration and management, you’ll be able to have the education and skills necessary to become a networking specialist.

9. Physician’s assistant is a field that is high demand at this time. Many people are turning to the field of physician’s assisting. By getting an education as a medical assistant or obtaining a physician assistant degree, you’ll be able to provide support to doctors and patients alike.

10. Social services continue to be an emerging field. Online education makes it possible to acquire a variety of degrees that will help you to break into this field – Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s Degrees and even PhD’s can be earned online.

Of course, other careers are increasingly hot: marketing, personal finance and even sales fields can be broken into by those with the right education. Education programs make getting the right education possible even while you are still working in your current field.

If you’re looking for a career change, consider education as a path to get you there.

source =  foxreno.com/education/14372963/detail.html

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